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PSYC 100
Daniel Levitin

PSYC 100 Lecture 3 09092010Experimental DesignConfidentiality involves the right of privacy and anonymity Sometimes in case studies get permission from subject to use their initials By this researchers also guarantee that the participant will be honest with the responses The Four Goals of Scientific Research1 Description of behaviorIt involves descriptive studies where the nature of the world Here collect data and try to describe a phenomenon No manipulation of variables is involvedThis is can be done in a pain study where it would describe the baseline of pain 2 Prediction of behaviorOften experimental psychologists will observe behavior in a class room or a specific setting This will provide them with a hypothesis of what kind of data they would have to collect Eg professor studied kids with William Syndrome genetic abnormality For a whole week kids were observed and researchers spoke to their parents Later wrote descriptive studies After the descriptive study experimenters try to predict future behavior that was observed3 Determination of the causes of behaviorThis comes after prediction Want to know why those predictions occur and try to explain the underlying mechanisms Determining the causes of the behavior doesnt explain the behavior4 Explanation of behavior underlying mechanismsThe ultimate goal of science is to explain behavior in terms of common principles Eg At first early humans who observed points on the sky were able to describe by careful observation the position and motion of the planets Early scientists believed that the earth was in the center of the universe They were able to track the movement of stars and planets naming them but they were not able to predict which body would appear in the sky the future days After careful and systematic documentation early astronomers were able to predict planetary motion So in this case they went from observation to prediction of behavioradvanced two stages of scientific process1
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