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Lecture 2

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PSYC 100
Daniel Levitin

PSYC 100 Lecture 2 07092010COURSE GOALS1 To gain an understanding of current ideas about the nature of human behavior and thought2 To develop your own position on controversies in the field3 To become exposed to some of the major ideas and topics in contemporary scientific psychology preparation for upper division courses in psychology economics philosophy biology etc4 To develop your skills in critical thinking and evaluation of scientific claimsWHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND HOW DO WE EVALUATE THOSE CLAIMS1Psychology is an empirical scienceaMeasurableRepeatableAmenable to experimentationThat is manipulation of variableseg DarleyLatan2Nature and nurture are inextricably entwinedEg Some people may have genetic predisposition for patience and tolerance though if they are extremely bothered by the environment they may lose this patience and tolerance There are environmental factors that can supplant the biological predisposition 3The mind and brain are inseparableThe mind is the functioning of the brain The mind is the software and the brain is the hardware Two ways are looking at same process4A biological revolution is energizing psychological research5The mind is adaptiveIt responds in an adaptive ways to new situations Eg some components of intelligence is the ability to take new information and use it in new and creative ways 6Psychologists use different levels of analysis in their researchFrom the neuronal level to the sociocultural level 1
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