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Daniel Levitin

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Ch 10 Health and Well BeingI Can Psychological Factors Affect HealthThe traditional medical model emphasizes disease states and the treatments and drugs designed to rid us of a diseasepeople are passive recipients of disease and the medical treatments designed to return them to health after illnessPremise health professionals know best and thus maintain control over what happens to the patientHealth psychology area that integrates research on health and on psychology came to appreciate the importance of lifestyle factors to physical health apply knowledgeof psychological principles to promost health and well beingWell being positive state in which we feel our best it includes striving for optimal healthPsychologists who study health and well being rely on the experimental and statistically methods of psychology to understand the interrelationships among thoughts actions physical and mental healthAddress issues such as ways to help people lead healthier lives study the ways in which our behavior and social systems affect our health and how ethnic and gender differences in health behaviors influence health outcomesAlso study the inverse of these relationships how health behaviors and health outcomes affect behavior cognition and emotionsCombines theories and research from various areas of health studies and of psychologyA Biophysical Model of Health Incorporates Multiple Perspectives for Understanding and Improving HealthBiopsychosocial model a model of health that integrates the effects of biological behavioral and social factors on health and illnessOur thoughts and actions affect the environments we choose to interact with and those environments in turn affect the biological underpinnings of our thoughts and actionsB Behavior Contributes to Leading Causes of DeathPeople are most likely to die from causes that stem from their own behaviorsAccidents are another leading cause of deathrisky sexual behaviors homicides lifestyle behaviors that begin in childhood and teen yearsC Placebos Can Be Powerful MedicinePlacebo effect a drug or treatment unrelated to the particular problem of the person who receives it may
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