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Lecture 2

PSYC 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Ct Scan, Psych, Homeostasis

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PSYC 100
Allan Greer

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Biology and Behaviour
-Psych and Bio are interchangeable, Mind and Body are interchangeable
-Bio and Behaviour: Behavioural neuroscience: focuses on biological basis of animal
-Evolutionary Psychology: looks at adaptive behaviour in human behaviour
I. The Brain
A. Methods of investigation:
1. stereotaxic instrument: records brain
activity, what made the study of brain
structure possible
2. Electroencephalograph (EEG): monitors
brain electrical activity
3. MRI/fMRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(radio waves, produces signals
interpreted by computer)
4. CAT/CT, computerized axial
tomography (x-ray),
5. PET, positional emission tomography
(monitors metabolic activity)
B. Function of the brain: receive, process
and respond: for survival humans have to be
bale to sense events/stimuli, process that, and then respond
C. Brain waves: determined by frequency, each corresponds to a state of consciousness
1. alpha: normal
2. beta: intense concentration
3. theta: light sleep and children
4. delta: deep sleep, pathological states
a) Stimulus: a feature in the enviro that provokes a response
(1) RECEPTOR CELLS sense stimuli and send a message to the muscles so
they can respond
D. Neurons: basic cells that MAKE UP the nervous system
1. made up of: dendrites (receive info), soma/cell body (contains the nucleus,
integrates input from other neurons, control) axon (transmits signals, carries info)
sometimes covered in myelin sheaths which insulate it and prevents short circuits
between neurons, terminal buttons (store and release neurotransmitters)
a) neurotransmitters: pass signals from neuron to neuron Synapses Clearing:
needed before transmission of more signals, AGONIST neurons promote
neurotransmitter operation, ANTAGONISM inhibits it
b) Types of Neurotransmitters:
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