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PSYC 180
Amir Raz

FMRI and Neuorealism The fMRI concept builds on the earlier MRI scanning technology and the discovery of properties of oxygenrich blood MRI brain scans use a strong permanent static magnetic field to align nuclei in the brain region being studied Another magnetic field the gradient field is then applied to kick the nuclei to higher magnetization levels with the effect depending on where they are located When the gradient field is removed the nuclei go slowly back to their original states and the energy they emit is measured with a coil to recreate the positions of the nuclei MRI thus provides a static structural view of brain matter The central thrust behind fMRI was to extend MRI to capture functional changes in the brain caused by neuronal activity Differences in magnetic properties between arterial oxygenrich and venous oxygenpoor blood provided this linkSince the 1890s it has been known that changes in blood flow and blood oxygenation in the brain collectively known as hemodynamics are closely linked to neural activity When neurons become active local blo
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