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McGill University
PSYC 211
Yogita Chudasama

PSYC211 Lecture 1 - January 9, 2012 • The brain vs. the heart: • Brain is object of awesome power and a mystery • Mystery lies in that it controls almost all human functions • Some Ancient Greeks believed differently. For example, Empedocies and the Chinese believed that the heart was where one’s emotions and thoughts resided • Aristotle believed the heart was the place where thought took place • The heart hypothesis has left a mark: love being symbolized by love, cupid, “heartless”, “oh my blood boils”. Although not accepted scientifically, it did leave symbols • What role does the mind play: • “Mind is the function of the brain” - true or false? • Does it control the nervous system? • Is it part of the nervous system? • Is it a physical entity? • Is it a spirit? • This is the crock of the mind-body problem. How is the physical brain related to the non-physical mind? • Two main approaches to the Mind-Body Problem: • Monism: The mind and brain are the same thing; the mind is a phenomenon of the working of the nervous system (i.e. the brain) • Dualism: The mind and brain (and body) are treated as separate; they are fundamentally different. Religion played a great part • Leonardo Da Vinci found ‘sensus comunis’ (common sense). Was found to be false, but helped start understanding that brain controlled behaviour • Rene Descartes: Mind-Body Interaction: • Descartes believed that: • Bodies were mechanistic • Mind decided movements of the machine • The body responded reflexively • The mind interacted with the brain via the pineal body • Animals do not have minds • If one gets burned, they move because of reflex, not because of the mind
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