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PSYC 211
Yogita Chudasama

PSYC 211Neurobiological Methodsof Research Dr Yogita Chudasama Stewart Biology Room N84 Experimental approaches to understanding behaviour Invasive physiological research methodslesion electrical stimulation neurophysiological recording Behavioral paradigms that assess constituent cognitive processes visuospatial attention working memory reversal learning Pharmacological research methods drug adminstration chemical lesions chemical activity of the brain Genetic engineeringgene knockout genetic replacement Visualising the living human brain PET FMRI Neuropsychological testingWCST delayed response 1 Experimental Ablation Lesion Methods Experimental ablation A method used to investigate brain function by destroying part of thebrain and evaluating the animals subsequent behaviour The area of the brain that is damaged is called the brain lesionThe goal of lesion methods is to discover what functions are performed by different regions of the brain and how these functions are organised to produce complex behaviour ie functional organisation of the brain Neural circuits in the brain perform functions or a set of functionsFunctions contribute to the performance of a behaviourBrain Stereotaxy No two brains of any given species areidenticalThe skull is made up of several bonesthat join together and form sutures Thejunction at which the sutures meet at thefront of the head is called bregma Thejunction at the at which the sutures meetat the back of the head is called lambda A page from a stereotaxic atlas of the rat Stereotaxic surgery is a form of surgicalintervention It uses a three dimensionalcoordinate system to locate a target brainregion and perform the lesion A stereotaxic atlas contains drawings that correspond to brain sections taken atvarying distances from bregmaThe skull of a ratbrain2
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