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PSYC 211
Yogita Chudasama

The text reference for this lecture is posted on WebCT You will NOT find a chapter devoted to the topic of this lecture in your text book PSYC 211 Behavioural Methodsof Research Dr Yogita Chudasama Stewart Biology Room N84 Neuropsychological Testing Neuropsychological tests are specically designed tasks used to measure a psychological function known to be linked to a particular brain structure or pathwayMemoryIntelligenceLanguageVisuoperceptionExecutive functionSeveral advantages to neurospychological assessmentsClinical diagnosisScientic investigationProvide a basis for caring and counseling for patientsProvide a means of evaluating the effectiveness of treatment and seriousness of its side effects1 Approaches to Neuropsychological Testing I Single Test Single Test Unsuccessful one test fails to detect To detect presence of brain the multitude of psychological damage symptoms that occur in a single Discriminate patients with braindamaged patient psychological problems resulting from structural rather than functional changes to the brain StandardisedTest Battery StandardisedTest Battery To detect presence of brain damage Unsuccessful discriminate between Involved using a set of tests neurological patients and healthy Eg California verbal learning test patients but not very good at Iowa gambling task lexical decision discriminating between neurological task memory assessment scales patients and psychiatric patientsand several more Score in each test are added together to form an aggregate If the aggregate score falls below the designated cutoff the patient is diagnosed with brain damage Approaches to Neuropsychological Testing II CustomisedTest Battery Highly successful used routinely in hospitals for clinical diagnosis and in the laboratory for scientific investigation To characterise the nature of the psychological deficits of each braindamaged patient Starts with a handful of selected tests to provide an indication of the general neuropsychological impairment On the basis of the common battery the patient is subjected to a customised series of tests to provide more detail of the specific symptomsCustomisedTest Battery Successful Measure aspects of psychological function The interpretation of the test does not rely on how well the patients performs on the test The focus is on the cognitive strategy the patient employs brain damage often changes that strategy without lowering the score 2
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