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Lecture 1

PSYC 211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Behavioral Neuroscience, Roger Perry, Jill Bolte TaylorPremium

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PSYC 211
Jonathan Britt

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Lecture 1:
Origins of behavioural neuroscience-
Aspects of consciousness in the brain
What is the mind? Consciousness? If physical, where are they located?
Define consciousness by some state of awareness- awareness of thoughts
memories and feelings
Having awareness gives a subjective experience
If a being is capable of having subjective experiences, there is something
like to be that person
Rocks or calculator? Nothing to be like it, has no awareness
Neuroscientists believe that they arrive from neuro processes that occur in
the brain- evolve from evolution to help with survival consciousness can
be altered
You can change people’s awareness of the world
People’s perceptions of the world can be changed by playing with the brain
Something unique to the brain to change the perception of the world
What specific cells in the brain make up consciousness?
Those studies have not been successful- don’t know which neurons make
us consciousness
Major case studies:
In the 1940’s- frontal labotamy- pick on top of eye socket and tear the
frontal lobes and they said it was successful to treat mental illness of any
Early 50’s over 20,000 had been done
Nobel prize given for this
Conception of the brain at this time
Mental illness related to brain function, can we cut things to cure it?
Surgery talking about used for epilepsy
Runaway excitation of the brain
Neuro activity- excitation of the neurons and it can spread in the brain-
comes about for different reasons- and if it involves motor cortex=
convulsions of the body- but rare
Convulsions to spacing out and everything in between
For some people, very serious condition- many episodes a day
What can we cut out of the brain to stop epilepsy? One doctor said cut the
brain in half
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