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Lecture 2

PSYC 211 Lecture 2: Lecture 2

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PSYC 211
Jonathan Britt

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Lecture 2: If textbook stresses the key word and he covers it in course, pay attention it will be on exam. Rene Descartes Visiting these royal gardens and he saw a moving statue and the story he tells it that it was dark and couldnt see clearly and on the corner of the eye someone moved but it was a statue. Brain works as a mechanical device instead of cylindersmuscles Water pipes nerves He dissected the brain and noticed that most of the structures are bilateral and structual and brain nucleus Pineal body center of brain and comes down in the pool of water in the middle of the brain Only structure in the brain that there is only one of In the center with all this fluid Moving the pineal bodies is what controls all of the movement The world is a mechanical entity True in humans too with reactions First general model put forward of how the brain can work as a mechanical machine Luigi Galvani Interested in electricity using it and saying what if I shocked different part or animals Playing outside with electricity Movement must mean electrical device Electrical current can flow through wires Someone actually measuring the speed of impulses and currents use a device named after Galvani Galvanometer Speed conduction in the nerve Hearing and vision fast nerve fibers Some like pain transmission is one of the slowest transmissions in the body Sensation of heat and pain at the same time and pain takes a longer time to reach the brain Johannes Muller
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