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Lecture 3

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PSYC 212
Remy Allard

Lecture 3 September 8 2011Psychology subject poolohttpmcgillparticipantpoolsonasystemscomPrinciples of Perceptual MeasurementSignal Detection Theory measured in sensation units can be low to highoIf stimulus is detected based on high to lowoSensation depends on many internal and external factorsoSDT is not to measure high intensities of things ie light If it is high there must be a criterion where there is 100 detection all the timeoTo measure absolute thresholdoMost applicable when the stimuli is extremely low ie no light and low lightoIn sensation unitsoDistribution is based on the criterion and what was supposed to happenWebers LawDifference thresholddifference in intensity to detect the difference is proportional to the actual intensity of the stimuliSeansationIntensity relationif you increase the intensity of the stimulus how does my sensation change as wellLinear11Compressivewhen intensity increases the sensation increases less it plateaus sharp increase then plateauWhen you increase the intensity the sensation increases a LOT Fechners LawMeasured psychological reactionsUsed Webers Law to see how psychological reaction sensation changes based on the change in intensitySklogI Ssensation units Istimulus unitsStevens Power LawProposed that the relation between sensory magnitude and stimulus magnitude is not logarithmicDirect estimation of an observers sensory experienceUsed magnitude estimationfor brightnessfound a compressive responsebSkIFor electrical shocksopposite to brightness
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