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Lecture 4

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McGill University
PSYC 212
Remy Allard

Lecture 4September 13 2011The Visual System Light Optics and the EyeMaking sure visual system works because sometimes things can get mixed up ie lower IQ levels diagnosis with AlzheimersLightcan be represented as a sound waveoClassified by their wave lengthWavelengthone complete cycleoWavelength can vary a lot to the point where we cannot see or feel some of themVisible like 400700 nmWavelength determines this colouroWe can see light because of the light that is emitted from the sun being close to the wavelengths we can seeEvolution did not require us to develop the ability to see lights that are outside of the light that the sun shines on the earthAtmosphere on earth interferes with IR light therefore we only see the useful light that is reflected off of other objectsoHuman visiual system operates over an enormous range of light intensities2106ie luminance cdm of sun at noon is 10 vs threshold light at 10107tissue damage101006photopic vision cones fovea 5 at 1010mesopic vision 116scotpic vision rods periphery 1010olight intensity changes as a function of distancegets less intenseoeffect of distance on surface brightness intensity of a point ie LED is inversely proportional to the square of the distanceretinal density of a surface ie number of LED per retinal area unit is proportional to the swaure of the distancesurface brightness is independent of the distanceas you step away from objects the density changes but the intensity changes decreasesolight can be polarizedto have an angle with an electrical field with a perpendicular magnetic fieldlight is polarizedit is biased to one orientationlight may hit particles and deviate in a specific directionlight reflected off water will be polarizedpolarized sunglasses will allow some filtering of the reflected light therefore not as intenseie sun reflecting off the water will not normally be seen with these glasses because the glasses filter the horizontal light
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