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PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

March 1st LectureImagery Higher level processes What is mental imageryVery intimate personal experienceIntuitiveImages in our mind Connected to vision recreating visual images that are not present The myths of vision The eye seesnot true it is our brain that seesSeeing is believing vision as a faithful recordnot true deceptive and there are illusions Vision is rich in detailMyth of imageless thought If asked to think about a chair we get an image of a chair in our mindillustrates a tight coupling between thinking and perceptual processes It is more about deception and illusion rather than deconstruction of light mental simulation of seeingConditions are recreated from long term memory LTMsimilar brain regions are activated as if you were actually in that situationImagine flying above your house People make downward eye movements as if they were scanning the actual visual image Enables us to accomplish things far away from actual sites We can imagine places we have never seen How to study mental imageryPersonal processfor a long time it was
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