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McGill University
PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

March 8th LectureReasoning Judgement and ChoiceContinuation of problem solvingNeoGestaltist View when we solve insight and noninsight type problems we have different feeling of our progress Metcalfe and WiebeParticipants solved insight problems and incremental problems Incremental Tower of HanoiInsight10 pennies into 5 rows of 4 pennies in each Every 15s participants indicated their feeling of warmth ie closeness to the solutionNoninsightfeeling of closeness increases gradually with timeInsightfeeling of closeness is minimal until the very end when the solution is suddenly found cant feel progressionemerges as a whole Aha moments in the brain Qiu et al Cortex Participants solved Chinese riddles logogrips Types of problems aha moments in the brainParticipants solved Chinese riddles logogrips Some answers require aha experience and others can be solved by linear type of process fMRI was usedinsight requiring problems had differential brain activityKuonious and Beeman EEG study suggesting that insight experiences are a culmination of a series of brain states and proc
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