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McGill University
PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

March 15th LectureIntelligence Defining intelligenceCentral concept in psych Has shaped psychology as a sciencedevelopment of tests and measures Difficult to define Alfred Binet devised a test to measure the extent to which a child will benefit from formal schooling With Simon devised a test to discriminate between typically developing children and those with lower intelligence Based on performance Defined intelligence as a fundamental faculty which is of outmost importance to practical lifeincludes judgement practical sense initiative adapting oneself to circumstance Psychologists asked to define intelligence 1921varied responses but 2 overall themesCapacity to learn from experience Ability to adapt to the surrounding environment Definition broadened in 1986 to includeMetacognitionour understanding of our own mental processesnot a formal knowledge of cognition but our own intuitive sense Role of culturea bigger social context Robert Sternberg intelligence is a capacity to learn from experience using metacognitive processes to enhance learning and the ability to adapt to the surrounding environ
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