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PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

March 29th LectureApplied Cognition What is cognition good forBoth lower and higher level processes are not perfectlimited and full of illusions heuristics and biasesApplied cognition how we use cognitive processes in real life Knowledge of basic cognitive processes informs us about the likely conditions leading to errorsand how to correct them eg designing optimal working conditions break schedule visual and haptic displays interface usabilityBasic research informs applied research which then feedback into basic Domains of application eg ice cream flavourcolour airplane controls vision can take over the sense of gravity using colours to represent levels of threat is not efficient categorical vs continual variantsfMRI scans are often misinterpretedtheyre not showing actual level of activity but statistical averageDesigning new ways of representing scientific data bar graphs are undesirable people are more drawn to 3D images Driving and cell phone use Two perspectives Industry large interest in installing navigation devices integrated music devices driver assistance devices etcOften all industry funded research will be ignorednot published if the results are negativeconflict of interest Law
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