PSYC 213 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Metalanguage, Linguistic Relativity, Opponent Process

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23 Jul 2016
o!suggests that we are capable of anticipating how long it will
take to retrieve the information necessary to produce speech
even before we’ve actually retrieved it
egocentric speech: speech characteristic of children that doesn’t take the
listener’s perspective into account, becomes inner speech as the child
becomes socialized
!inner speech: silent, rapid speech that regulates thought,
occasionally externalized when trying to get other people to pay
attention to one’s inner state (e.g. oops!, brr)
zone of proximal development: distance between problem-solving
capabilities alone and the degree of potential development as determined by
problem-solving capabilities with the help of someone else
!correlation between the zone of proximal development and the
development of inner speech
literacy: the ability to read and write, which is generally accompanied by the
capacity to think about and discuss language (including books, plays, etc.)
as well as the vocabulary to do so, known as metalanguage
!degree of exposure to printed exposure is correlated with the
degree of development of metalanguage
can communicate through speech or writing, comprehension varies as a
function of handwriting and accents/pronounciation
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis: the theory that differences in language between
peoples can affect those peoples’ perceptions of the object described by that
word, a phenomenon called linguistic relativity
!for example, Inuit peoples having more words for what we call
snow is a result of having much more extensive experience with
snow and therefore the capacity and need to distinguish much more
extensively between different kinds of snow
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