PSYC 213 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Language Acquisition Device, Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

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23 Jul 2016
dedicated intelligence: domain-specific modules that have evolved to deal
with specific problems (e.g. Chomsky’s language acquisition device)
improvisational intelligence: intelligence that’s evolved to deal with
unforeseen problems, thought to be analogous to g, because it requires the
manipulation of new information to reach a solution
!g is useful in evolutionarily novel situations, not situations that our
brain would have already evolved a mechanism to deal with
Flynn effect: the phenomenon that IQ scores increase over time, seems to
be flattening
!requires that intelligence tests be constantly recalibrated
!could be attributed to our increasingly enriched environment,
stimulating greater neural plasticity and therefore us coming closer
to our full g potential
!advances in nutrition and overall health could also contribute
intellectual components: the information process that consists of the way
that we transform our cognitive representations of objects or experiences
metacomponents: components that control the execution of other
performance components: components used in the execution of a task
knowledge acquisition components: components involved in learning new
information and storing it in memory
triarchic theory of intelligence: Sternbeg’s theory that intelligence is made
up of three different kinds, which vary in the processes that they use to
manipulate information
!analytical intelligence: what’s usually tested by standard
intelligence tests
o!made up of metacomponents (executive processing),
performance components (their implementation) and
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