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Lecture 3

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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

LECTURE 3 SEP 9: Social Psychology Evolutionary theory  Women are nurturing and in the home  Evolution 1) survive aggression, 2) reproduce attraction and mating  Suggests we evolve  In our evolution theory we are right about 2 things, survival (of the fittest), reproduction because this is how we survive (ones we reproduce the best genetic self, those survive)  CONFLICTING THEORIES: Social environment produces group dynamic (Status and power), but what is each group hard wired to do? Women can never be like men, goes against evolutionary nature  When something occurs which we don’t like, we ignore theory  Scientists who work on theories which are not agreed on, will be much more successful  One of most challenging current issues is genocide- why war over land? Why is Canada so interested in developing the north? Taking land is not enough must replace peoples Attraction and Mating - Women: hard-wired, in genes… o Attracted to older man with education and money: benefit women the most, to help protect and raise child rather than physical attraction, create picture – can move towards education, power and money o Jealous if their man betrays them emotionally: look for emotional bond to last, need to have offspring survive o Seek safe occupations: geared towards raising child with help of a man - Men o Attracted to younger, physically attractive women: for evolutionary purposes, produce as many offspring (multiple partners) o Jealous if their women betray them sexually: view purpose to produce offspring o Seek high risk occupations (war): getting ahead, best survive Aggression - Men o Use violence against other men to compete for women o Low status men especially prone to violence: trying to get ahead to have gene pool survive - Women o No evolutionary pay-off for violence: purpose is to protect and raise child Terror Management Theory: TMT Essential Dilemma: I am aware of my own death Resolving the Dilemma: To defend against terror of death I create “culture” and religion so my behavior has meaning. Culture worldview gives the world order and meaning, providing standards and values, with promise of literal and/ or symbolic immorality. 90 Experiments: Priming death = - You do not care about partner for the reasons you state, it’s actually about a fear of death - Reasons for particular actions are created - Those who are aware of/ wrote
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