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Lecture 17

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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

PSYCH 215 Lecture Oct 14 (TA Lecture) Term Paper * Official guidelines posted online*  TAs: Sarny Balegh and Laura Cuttini  Besides being a form of entertainment, movies often portray the intricacies of social interactions and human social behavior  Take a social psychologists perspective on the movie CRASH o Choose 2 scenes or characters or storylines from the movie and analyze them o Your analysis must be based on 2 major theories o 2 theories applied to 2 characters o Watch the movie twice  Guidelines o Describe scene o How does scene conform or fail to conform to theory? o 5 pages double-spaced o Short introduction and conclusion o STUDENT ID top of page o DUE: November 7, 2011 o Template online o Section 1: intro 5%, ½ page o Section 2/3: first
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