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Lecture 17

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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

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PSYCH 215 Lecture Oct 14 (TA Lecture)
Term Paper
* Official guidelines posted online*
TAs: Sarny Balegh and Laura Cuttini
Besides being a form of entertainment, movies often portray the intricacies
of social interactions and human social behavior
Take a social psychologists perspective on the movie CRASH
o Choose 2 scenes or characters or storylines from the movie and
analyze them
o Your analysis must be based on 2 major theories
o 2 theories applied to 2 characters
o Watch the movie twice
o Describe scene
o How does scene conform or fail to conform to theory?
o 5 pages double-spaced
o Short introduction and conclusion
o STUDENT ID top of page
o DUE: November 7, 2011
o Template online
o Section 1: intro 5%, ½ page
o Section 2/3: first story line and theory, 2 pages, application and
analysis of theory, 20%
o Section 4: conclusion, 5%, ½ page
o Quality of writing: logic and clarity, 5%
o Quality of presentation: spelling and grammar, accurate references
All you need for references is textbook: can be beyond readings
up to date, don’t need to reference textbooks
Better to paraphrase to prove understand theories
Can bring in theories, critical race or feminism- can go beyond
just was covered in class and text, as long as start with class
material- relate it somehow
Lecture- don’t reference
Anything external
o TA’s can’t answer questions about specific scenes.
Can ask about theories- email
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