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Lecture 15

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McGill University
PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

PSYCH 215 LECTURE Oct 7StereotypesMore than just consensus Influence how we judge and perceive other people Categorize them into a group Led to explosion of research the kind citizens dont value Social psychologists looked a different stereotypes of groups Descriptive research anyone can do it Werent dealing with why science question why do we have them how do they function Instead what is the stereotype of each group No real insights about how they operate Good of descriptive work finally someone took trouble of pulling all in together and looked at the findings If you look at the traits eve though there is 84 you can categorize traits into 21 Incompetent but sociably desirable2 Competent but socially undesirableNo often that you got incompetent and socially undesirable vice versa When you add power you discover powerful groups advantaged groups usually stereotyped as competent but socially undesirable not nice groups low in power not competent but socially desirable nice womenHow do these stereotypes play important function Serve as legitimizing myths Any society collection of groups in contact are arranged hierarchically those who belong to high status group want to remain in position would never give awa
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