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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

PSYCH 215 Lecture Oct 24 Attribution and Affirmative Action  Affirmative Action: A social policy designed to redress a legacy of discrimination against visible minorities, women and handicapped  Attributional Bind: Did I succeed because of me or because of affirmative action? o Dilemma on both sides o Minority member- did I get it because I deserve it or because I’m a minority o Majority- because I’m a women or because I deserve? o Double Bind  So what’s this baseball player named Jackie Robinson got to do with all this? o Way out of the dilemma o Time and place where overt racism is widespread, segregation America’s game= major league baseball o Exclusive club for whites only, owners, coaches, players o Black players were prohibited o In NYC, we don’t know if a man is racist, but wants to win baseball games if I go around this country I can find wonderful black baseball players, we need some for our team o Don’t bring me a player who is just good, who can maybe deal with what he will endure what’s it going to do to the players? o Jackie Robinson we want you to join “The Brooklyn Dodgers”, do you understand how you’re going to be treated? Your own teammates will hate you. Your own life will be threatened. Can’t stay at our hotels, or eat at the same restaurants as us. o You can’t fight back spend one year in the minor leagues learning to play at the professional level o First black baseball player in history montreal couldn’t have cared less, not enough blacks in montreal to make it an issue, racism was an American issue, so Jackie stayed in Montreal o He was a fabulous baseball player, montreal fans loved him, fellow players, Americans, from the south, hated him o Jackie took grief and misery from media, fans, own players and other players shut his face and played fabulously o Attitudes started to change Jackie Robinson was the first professional ball player that was black o Baseball for reasons of greed, broke the color barrier before society did, Jackie broke the color barrier but opened up the gates for more black baseball players o Richie owner, if we are going to break down the barrier, we need a fabulous baseball player, so good no one will ever question credentials, and question whether he deserves to be here o So following the Jackie Robinson story the first time we have a women in the board house, we need not just a skilled women but one who is fabulous- to break down doors and the double bind o Not just sufficient and food FABULOUS to get out of the bind, lets just be a little bit careful  Locus of Control o Counter part of attribution theory o Some people tend to look for internal causes, especially when analyzing their own behavior  You are the agent and you are what makes things happen o Others only look for external causes  The behavior is not you, what are the external causes that made you do it- whether good or bad behavior o Attribution: person makes an Attributional analysis based on available information and person involvement o In experiment- get all 5 right, guess you will get sixth right, I’m good at these, get first 5 wrong, I’ll definitely get 6 right (by luck) o Person makes an Attributional analysis based on their personal style o 1) Rich and poor children solve problems o 2) Locus of control and demotivation  If you’re a middle class child where you have some control of your life and have some agency and develop internal locus of control- tendency to see self, you or others, are cause of things  Naturally- quick to analyze, I’m the agent,  Poor kid- opposite take on life, everything that happens to them and others is external- they live in an external world, told where they’re goin
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