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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

PSYCH 215 Lecture Nov 16 Michael King Terrorism: Psychology’s attempts at explanations  4009 Saint Laurent o Used to sell stolen goods o Forged fake documents and passports for the millenium plot: to blow up airport in LA January 1, 2000 o Ahmed Rassad, spent a lot of time at that address, trained in Al Quida camps, went to Vancouver and put together chemicals for massive bomb, drove to US where had to cross boarder o Popped trunk, bomb, jail, no explosion o Planned here for US o Not all terrorism targets US o Norman- born in Ottowa, worked for department of foreign affairs, planned to bomb sites in Britan, convicted in 2008- financing and facilitating terrorism- built terrorator, high five figi monster? o Side- arrested in Quebec, September 2007, to bomb sites in Austria and germany- played key role in media uploads of Al Quida to recruit people, showing how fun and cool it is to do- caught and in jail o Samali 6- Mohhamed, undergrad at U of T, blog with pictures of pilgrame to Meka, snow mountain and Northern lights- October 2009, he and 5 friends disappeared, people worried he went to samalia to fight for Al shabba, linked to Talaban, year after disappearance, video on extremist web site, confirmed he died fighting for shabba o Toronto 18- arrested in Toronto, didn’t want to blow up anything abroad, wanted to blow stuff up in Canada, university undergrads, planned to park 3 vans filled with explosives near Toronto stock exchange, CSIS headquarters, and canadia military base- had means, detenatuar ready, one guy video testing out detenatour, had formula for how to assemble bomb  Psychology of terrorism: Why do people start out normal and at some point want to start building bombs to blow up Canada  Hypothesis o Pschopathology: crazy  Most of literature is very old, 50s and 60s  Books can’t confirm terrorists are linked to mental illness  In all clinical assesments, minute amount of people proved crazy  Still people hint towards it- split world into black and white  One theory that came out of Freud is idea of splitting- when extremely young, brain not developed, only internal feelings, all good or all bad, child goes between all good or all bad, the only thing that makes you change is breast  Earliest psychological position is splitting position of all good and all bad, as you develop cognitively, you realize good breast that comes and bad breast that doesn’t come is part of the same person
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