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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - Sept. 28.pdf

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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

PSYCH 215 LECTURE Sep. 28,2011 o English community was small in numbers but powerfully economically was outraged- violating rates o Quebec government realizes must apply law rigorously o When was applied, and continues to be applied- sounded ludicrous- fined because sign was only in English, won’t be allowed to sell unless change ways o If percentage of French not high enough- company is fined o Clear reaction to culture and language under-represented o If English already had positive attitudes about French, children would be bilingual only Francophones were bilingual- power of English had to be o English were not bilingual o Now force positive attitude towards French- dissonance, forced to use French send my kid to French school, work more in French, but I hate the language, I have to do it, resolve dissonance: maybe the language isn’t that bad. Cannot take away action (speaking French), it is enforced by law, have to accept it. Change attitude! o Quebecers still feel language is under threat- English think they are disadvantaged by laws o Worked well- statistics show, Anglophones in Quebec are bilingual, francophones are not o Force kids into French- by end of high school fluently bilingual, francophones don’t learn English; don’t sell out, French schools difficulty having English schools. o English kids in French schools, never use French- speak French solely towards other French speakers o Language bill created elite human being- Anglophone fluently bilingual competing with francophone not bilingual any national organization, recognizes bilingual Anglo group unfairly placed as a result of government policy o Dissonance serves as a very useful vehicle for attitude change, all because Festinger made a very crucial error: behavior agai
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