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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

Final Lecture - April 12 , 2012 Things to know on final: - articles: PTSD & Perceived Inustice: know about some of the symptom domains of PTSD - know things about individuals who hold + and – attitudes towards the same thing - theories put forward to explain aggression - Polina is 3 years old. she is just beginning to understand concepts like cat, dog, sofa and how they differ from one another … - gender differences in pain experience - Wagner’s model of suppression and monitoring - the hedonic treadmill - perceptions of injustice - question about the thought intrusions paper (the different explanations to explain how thought intrusions might impact on pain) - Sam learned early that improving his fighting skills was most effective way of keeping away bullies… - affective forecasting - physiological explanations of aggression - gender differences and aggression - methodologies – including you doing things in front of a mirror (self-awareness) - gender differences in empathy - share of studies with Robber’s Cave (what it was trying to look at) - things related to norms of equity/reciprocity & how they influence things and relationships, influence the degree to which you are going to be convinced to do something for someone else - John participated in a study where he listened to various messages while electrodes recorded thigns on his face. he remembers feeling upset when hearing ….. – question about the type of m
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