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PSYC 215 January 10 2013 1102013 80300 AMTAs email darrickchowmailmcgillcaContext Russians won pairs figure skating since 1964Sale and Pelletier first serious competition in long timeRussiansThey Saw a Triple Lutz Judges are pressured N American public decided to alter the outcomeCanadians got gold by whining againMedia accounts vary by countryo Russians 50 more likely to say competition was close twice as likely proRussian Americans almost twice as likely to make proCanadian arguments o BTW French judge said she made a deal with the Russians Nave Realism I see the world as it iso Objective reality Why would you see it differently o Uninformed Need to be taught o Biased Different factors contribute to bias o Dispositiontraits Others think differently for whatever reason and it leads them to be wrongDifferent Construals Because the other person is o Lazyo Unintelligento Driven by ideology values temperament Rational wellmeaning individuals can be brought together on a problem and still look at it differentlydisagree Abortion Robinson Keltner WardRossProchoice vs ProlifeUnderestimate the ambivalence of the other side See own position as rational and the other as ideological Even nonpartisans overestimate differences between groups Both think other side is driven by irrational ideologyIsraeliPalestinian Conflict Hostile media effectPresent proposals generated by your sideSay the proposals came from the other side Rejected Valid vs Biased AttitudesCapital punishmentAbortion Antiterrorism measuresHilary Clinton Dick Cheney Those who share my attitudes have valid reasons for their attitudes Those who do not share my attitudes are biased Introspection Increases confidence that not biasedDoes not decrease the influence of psychological biasesWe access the contents or our thoughts o But not the psychological often unconscious processes that influence our thoughts Introspection actually makes us more biasedincreases confidence in the belief that our views are objectiveSocial reality Subjective construal What are the social factors that shape our construal and in what ways does this influence our thoughts feelings and behaviour The Summoned Self David Brooks NY Times August 2 2010Well planned life Clayton Christenseno I am the agent what should I do o This is a rational databased approacho We are the agentscaptains of our lives omnipotentSummoned lifeo What are my circumstances asking of meo We lack control over many aspects of our liveso I am not today a blob of putty that can be shaped into anything and everythingBut the dye has not been cast either o Cant John Watson things upo Epigeneticsgenes can be activated by environmental factors nature via nurture
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