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Lecture Notes on October 10

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McGill University
PSYC 215
John Lydon

Self verification - need to predict responses of others in order to have positive social interactions - If others view me differently than I view myself then - epistemic (know you aren't being yourself) and performance anxiety Self verification vs. self enhancement - people prefer positive feedback from other - consistent with a self enhancement motive - Low self esteem people - People with a positive self image go for favourable feedback - Most people with a negative self concept preferred people who saw them in a negative way as opposed to positive - They see people who see them negatively as knowing them better - Overall - everyone wants to feel good - favourable feedback improves mood - Automatic response is yes, I like that - people with low self esteem then control the response by saying, oh wait that doesn't fit me - Motives to self verify - firmly held self view - enduring relationships (want the other person to know the true you) - interactional consequences Symbolic Self Completion (Gollwitzer & Wicklund) - We strive for goals to gain a self definition - Difficulty in pursuing the goal is a threat to self definition - We compensate with other symbols to complete the self definition - Assistant professors affirm their self definition by symbolizing their identity (ex. more likely to put PhD after their name) - Self Completion Paradigm Self Completion Experiments - Personality feedback that you do not fit the ideal profile for something that matters to you - When you are threatened with "Female Professional", you are quicker with your responses than those who are not threatened by it - Second half of study: guys are expected to meet Debbie, and attractive woman - She likes modest guys in some conditions - She likes guys who show how great they are in other conditions - Guys are asked "How capable do you think you are in comparison to other college students?" - Men who got positive feedback found it easier to be modest Perceiver Effects - Goals, motives, expectancies - Will the perceiver rely on expectancies and stereotypes along? - Or motivated to allocate increased attention to the data -- the target's actual behaviour Expectancy Confirmation - When the target behaves consistent with the perceiver's expectancy - Behavioural confirmation - self fulfilling prophecy - When the perc - Classroom - Teacher expectancy effects - those expected to be late bloomers improved the most - Student expectancy effects - Kids who got feedback "your teacher got great ratings from her old school" ended up getting higher grades - Job Interview - Race - Black candidates were treated differently by interviewers than white
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