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Lecture 4

PSYC 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Humbucker, Stroop Effect, Spreading Activation

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PSYC 215
Mark Baldwin

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PSYC 215 – 180913
Lecture 4: Knowledge Activation
Situational scenario in a building, hear a plane flying very close overhead
o Plane crash or an airshow?
o Context that forms the assumption
9/11 expect a plane crash > airshow
Knowledge Activation –
Activation = retrieval of an element of social knowledge from long-term
o Some kind of knowledge is activated, it can shape our perspective, our
construal, our attention, our memory, behavior, etc.
We have a lot of knowledge that could be used to understand a situation
What knowledge gets activated? What knowledge gets supplied?
o Bottom-up = data driven
o Top-down = knowledge-driven
Ex. = Donald Trump is perceived in a lot of different ways by different people
o A) a dangerous man
Compare Hitler’s actions to Trump’s
Taking top-down knowledge by merging the two together to
form a sense of understanding
o B) A man who goes against the norm
Compared to Elvis Presley
o Time Magazine covers face morphs with Trump and other well-known
political figures to convey understanding with data that combines top-
down knowledge
o Combine data available to us with top-down knowledge
Determinants of Activation –
1) Does the person have the schema? necessary condition
Ex. = “humbucking pickup if you don’t know what this is/don’t have the
schema for this, understanding or knowledge cannot be activated
o Assume it’s a truck or something but actually a guitar accessory
o Previously did not have a schema for what this is but now do and thus a
schema is created, and activation can occur
There are concepts that some people are unaware of or aren’t really thinking
about but once it’s activated, it becomes a piece of knowledge that can be
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