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Lecture 7

PSYC 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Angelina Jolie, Autobiographical Memory, 18 Months

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PSYC 215
Mark Baldwin

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PSYC 215 – 180925
Lecture 7: The Self
For the next few weeks = the influence of self-related thoughts
o Selfies trend of people taking dangerous selfies
Craving of self recognition and image of oneself to put into the
o Building a personal brand
Have to decide who you want to build yourself as
Social media is so big that that’s the medium that can be used to
present yourself in a certain way depending on what kind of brand
you’re trying to develop
o Value of authenticity
There’s a value to be true to yourself
o Self-esteem
Someone as renowned and recognized for her beauty as Angelina
Jolie says she suffers with self-esteem
Self-knowledge who am I?
Self-evaluation how good or bad am I?
Self-regulation control of behavior
Self-Knowledge –
William James
o A great social psychologist, originally a philosopher
o The sense of self essentially involves 2 aspects
“I” = subject, agent
The thinker and the doer
me = object of thought
o The 2 influence each other in interesting ways
Self-image can change sense of subjectivity
Study Gallup (1977)
o Study sense of self in animals
o Put a mirror in front of the chimpanzee
First reaction think it’s another chimpanzee
Gradually figures out that it’s a reflection of itself
o Rouge test took the chimpanzees and red dye and put it on their
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