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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

From the dawn of agesevidence of the reflections about the essence of human nature since the earliest writingsThe Greeks Philosophersdistinction between the mind and the bodyPlatomindbody dualism separate entitiesimmortality of the soulAristotleassociationism the mind is likely to be organizedpatheThe RenaissanceRene Descartes 15961679Thomas Hobbes 15881679John Locke 16321704George Berkeley 16851753David Hume 17111776Ren Descartes 15961650the Rational soul as the driving force of behaviourincomplete control over the bodyinhibition of reflexive actionsubjectivity of perceptionPassions of the Soul 1649dualism interactionalismmore of this than dualistmechanistic body as influencing the mindperceptionsketched rudiments of physiology of perception and actionbody was like a machinestimulation was pulling the cordbelieved that the mind was not involved with painthe body is an automaton and contains in itself the corporeal principle of those movements for which it is designed along with all that is requisite for its actiondescribing it as a machinemind completely separateThomas Hobbes 15881679Human Nature 1651subjectivitymechanisticobjects agitating internal substance of the brainmind as a cognitive and motivecontiguity as fabric coherencethere is nothing without us which we call an image or a coloureither to draw near the thing that pleaseth which is called appetite or to retire from the thing that displeaseth which is called aversion
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