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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

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Testing Ideas Research IdeasDifferent Researchsocial psychologists use several different methods in the research processdescriptive methodscorrelation methodsexperimentsDescriptive Researchgoal is to describe people and their thoughts feelings and behavioursobservational studiessimply observing behaviourarchival studiesexamining existing records of past events and behaviourssurveysinvolves asking people questions about their attitudes beliefs and behavioursimportance of random samplingCorrelational Researchgoal is to learn about the relationship between variableshow similar or distinct are two different variableshow well does one variable predict another variablerole of the correlation coefficient numerical valuemeasure of the strength and direction of the relationship between 2 variablesPearson r range 1 to 1Concurrent 2 variables that exist at the same time vs prospective 1 variable taken at
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