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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

Psyc 215Social PsychologySet 3October 25 to November 5Social PsychologyOctober 25 2010The Self continuedWere talking about the self that means you That means trying to understand who you are and as you might have gathered from last time we dont have all the definitive answers on that topic This thing called the self is very stable enduring and feels fundamentally like you and yet must be fluid and respond in the moment to the situation youre in it is presumably way before attitudes and stereotypes going to be your ultimate guide about how you navigate life For us to know so little about it is rather scary the one aspect of the self that you have heard about that everyone has jumped on bc it seems so simple and obvious maybe faced w complexity of self its nice to have something to anchor us Were talking about self esteem A concept about how you judge yourself evaluatively Youve got the idea that its probably a good idea to evaluate yourself positively and that this aspect of the self the esteem you have for yourself is really going to impact 1 how confident you are in navigating the world in front of you and 2 if you have low self esteem it will have you backing up on the defensive probably not achieving very well This self esteem thing has come to be the modern day panacea for every problem that exists We know from Oprah that no matter what guest she has on suffering from drug overdose abuse etc usually the problem is low self esteem If we want to understand why people are not achieving well be they kids in school or what have you its low self esteem I gave the example at the beginning of the course about methods See it Heres a typical statement that in very high level circles gets played out Just listen to how powerful this self esteem thing isCalifornia Task Force to Promote SelfEsteem and Social ResponsibilitySelfesteem might function as a social vaccine to inoculate individuals against the lures of crime violence substance abuse teen pregnancy child abuse chronic welfare dependency and educational failure The lack of selfesteem is central to most personal and social ills plaguing our state and nationEvery single problem is about low self esteem It might surprise you that self esteem has reached such a prominence that it has reached an important part of educational development and therapy Bolstering kids self esteem has become part and parcel of the school curriculum There are many schools where the kids stand and they dont only pledge allegiance to the Queen or whoever but recite phrases saying I am good I am wonderful and I can do anything The whole idea of mental rehearsal is not silly This is in part how we train athletes To get into that mode of not I can win but I will win and I am wonderful This fits w self esteem if I think I am good will affect how I do you better play around and make me feel like Im good In modern sports for kids theres been a great worry that on your kids hockey team for 10 yr olds that aside from the superstar kid on the team the rest of the kids are going to suffer low self esteem bc theyre not the best So hockey league downplay competition and you get the same stmedal if you get 1 or last This is all driven by self esteem and how important it is One thing I want to underscore is that when it comes to understanding the self the esteem part the evaluative part the part where I ask my self Am I worth while am I any
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