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McGill University
PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

Social PsychologyNovember 22 2010Im Mike a PhD student doing his research under the supervision of Dr Taylor He is currently in the tundra so while hes there Ill give you a lecture about terrorism Im trying to find out how does this occur from a psychological perspective Im sure professor Taylor has alluded to a few theories of how why and how gets involved in terrorism Im sure you all have your own theories We all heard about the printer cartridges send from Yemen to the US and there were explosives instead of ink in them There was the guy who parked his guy in Times Square there was Amud Mihalab who put stuff in his underwear and tried to have it detonate Today I want to bring it back home Do you guys know about Cinema Lamour I dont want to talk about whats going on in there but I want to bring you attention to 4009 St Laurent Street Its where a bunch of guys in 19981999 were organizing the Millenium Plot to blow up the Los Angeles airport December 31 1999 Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the people at the airport one of the persons involved carrying the explosives got caught at the Seattle border More recently a man in Coaja was arrested in 2004 At the time he was arrested he was a software developer for the department of foreign affairs When Professor Taylor and I meet with government we like to remind them they hired a bomber Side Namou was a different breed of terrorist There are nonclassic jobs to do He was a prime person in the Global Islamic Media front which is a network of websites for Al Qaida He was a webmaster doing whatever Al Qaida leadership would ask him He was living in Quebec in the sticks Even more recently about 15 years ago half a dozen families in Toronto had basically lost touch with their sons Six families Canadian of Somalian heritage The guys went to fight with Al Shabab in Somalia This video was posted shortly after he died there fighting Jihad against the Somalian government on behalf of AlShihad The Toronto 18 were arrested 4 of which are under 18 in 2006 for planning two different plots They wanted to put explosives near the CN tower Part of them broke off and didnt to the plot but wanted to shoot up Parliament motivated to get Canada to remove troops from Afghanistan An honours student at Ryerson born in 1985 and another guy taking business management in Toronto and a business student Saide Gaia said to the court in his statement of uncontested facts Things that they were planning to do cans were going to be parked at CSIS headquarters CN towers and a military base They had a detonator They researched recipes for bombs which are easy to find online This stuff is happening in Canada These are not exotic people that have a social problem They are regular people that adopt an ideology that hurts many Canadians How is it that they get into this How is it that they come to accept extreme violence Im sure if we ask any one of you guys Can you help me Im going toput a bomb in the psychology department Wed say thats nuts What needs to be there for thosebarriers to go down so that we can say that is a good idea I want to look at the explanations psychology has provided to us to explain how people get to this pointIf you go back historically in the psychological explanations of terrorism there was a big reliance on psychopathology Lots of the models were born out of the Freudian legacy Before the common psychological era now Freud and his psychodynamic theories about relationships with your family dominated A lot of explanations of terrorism grew out of this like Osama Bin Ladin was a narcissistic person who just wanted to gain acceptance by his father An interesting one that persists to this day is the idea of splitting People in the media say that terrorists see the world in black and white not nuance We are the good people you are the bad and thats it The
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