PSYC 215 Lecture 3: Social Knowledge

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Note: Tests are based on 4th edition
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PSYC 215 – Lecture #3 – Social Knowledge
Class Demonstration
Someone just prematurely dropped some sheets at the professor’s feet and looked ‘angry’ as
she stormed off; how did we perceive that?
· The way he walked off; very focused to get out the door; not concerned with the situation
· She was frowning; assumed professor did something to wrong him
· Someone perceived it as embarrassment instead of anger resulting in him not helping the
professor with his dropped papers
· Perhaps he had a bad day
· Once you’ve had a hypothesis, what information did you use as inferences?
o Posture
o Facial expressions
o Age
o Ethnicity
“one great blooming, buzzing confusion”
· William James suggested infants are born into a state of confusion
· Nevertheless they are constantly making sense/trying to make sense of something
· Ex. A picture of blurs (blooming confusion) but we can infer images out of it such as a dog
Class Experiment
· Class split into group one and two
· Group one was given letters on the screen, and group two shown numbers
· Both groups were shown a symbol afterwards
· Results: group one saw the letter “B” and group two saw the number “13”
· Our interpretation is altered based on what we were thinking about before
· “people’s interpretation and inference about the stimuli or situations they confront” (from text)
· Our construal of social reality is a powerful determinant of our experience and behavior
· Ex. Donald Trump
· Sarah Palin powerfully labeled to make you believe she is a “Rogue”
o Does she fit the label?
o Do I know what that means?
o Once label is attached, it affects the way we perceive her and her actions
o Directing attention?
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