PSYC 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Social Influence, Abnormal Psychology, Excused

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PSYC 215-Lecture #1-Intro
Course Website
· Where you find your course websites
· Will eventually have recorded lectures and slide handouts
o Lectures will be posted within half a day after class
· Mark Baldwin
· Office: Stewart Biology W8 33b
· Office hours are Tuesdays 4:15-5:15
· Ph: 514-398-6090 but contacting through email would be better
· Email:
Teaching Assistants
o in charge of course content: understanding material and the textbook content
o in charge of testing, grading and administration
o in charge of testing, grading, and administration
· TA office hours
o Amanda Ravary will hold weekly office hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays 1-2pm,
Stewart Bio W8/15
· Exam review sessions and other TA office hours will be announced via Mycourses
· Social Psychology, Fourth Edition (2016)
o By Thomas Gilovich, Dacher Keltner, Serena Chen, Richard Nisbett
· Available at the McGill bookstore
· Second-hand copies are available in the previous edition: Social Psychology Third Edition
o Majority of the content between the two textbooks are similar however test content
will be based on the 4th edition so choice to use which textbook is up to you
What is Social Psychology?
· From your text: “the scientific study of the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of individuals in
social situations”
· Content taught in classes is based on the textbook
· So why come to class?
o Professor gives his own point of view, experiences, and opinions in addition
· Human psychology is similar in many ways to that of other animals
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o Similar motivational systems to animals and expectancies based on our choices
o There is an overlap of evolutionary theories between animals and humans, but
majority of the class will focus on humans
· Humans think in interesting ways
o We are good at manipulating symbols into meanings
o We like to tell stories in which our lives are symbolic about the meanings in these
· Humans are social
o We think about other people and our places in society
o Humans are not lone sharks
Tentative Schedule of Topics:
Sept 8-10: Introduction and Methods
· Short intro and discussing methods of research
Sept 15-24: Social Cognition Processes and Biases
· Studying what is it is like to form a perception about someone or a group
· Perceive how you fit into the dynamics of certain groups
· How to these processes work and how do they go wrong due to certain biases
Sept 29-Oct20: The Social Self and Attitude
· Humans can spend vast amounts of time thinking about themselves and why or how they’re
different compared to others
· Results in efforts to fix ourselves in order to fit into society
· These are powerful forms of motivation as well as a powerful form of distraction
Oct 22: MIDTERM Exam
Oct 27-29: Relationships
· How we think about the relationships we already have and those we don’t or wish to obtain
· How we think about who our friends are and who we want to be with
· How we think about our roles in both friendships and family
Nov 3-17: Social Influence, Groups, and Intergroup Processes
· Studying peer pressure from friends or groups
· What are the processes in which we try to influence someone?
· What are some group and societal influences that cause us to do something and how does this
process happen?
Nov 19-26: Cultural Influences and Norms
· Comparing cultures
· Ex. Western to Eastern culture
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