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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 Stereotypes Judgements that we bring to certain groups. Stereotypes are generally moulded by your first encounter. Group Membership A lot of these things occur automatically. It seems that as soon as we see ourselves as belonging to a certain group, we being to see anyone not in our group as having negative characteristics. How Stereotypes Form: In-Groups vs. Out-groups Our mind has a tendency to over-exaggerate the differences between our group and other groups. We see people in our group as having a high range of characteristics, but you see people in other groups as all being the same. This is referred to as the outgroup homogeneity effect. Why are Out-groups Seen as Homogeneous? We do not have a pool of knowledge that assists us in distinguishing between the groups (we do not hang out with them as much). Prejudice = negative attitude you have towards something. Are Stereotypes Ever Accurate? See slide. Next Slide Experiment: pictures men and women standing next to objects, as a marker for how tall they are. If we were to take a random sample, there is a ~2-3 inch difference. But pretend in the study that all of the females and males were evenly matched. So the stereotype will not help you judge. Stereotypes often activate, and would to help us judge the heights of the people if we were asked to do so. The stereotypes guide the judgements we make, and the stereotype will tell us that men are generally taller than women. But if the stimuli do not confirm the stereotype... Slide with Graph In the control condition, you are asked how tall the people are. Consistent with stereotypes, you will judge the men to be taller than the women. So your stereotype makes you see a difference in height; it makes you see a perception in reality/distorts your perception in reality. In the informed condition, you are told that the stereotype you have will not help you, because the men and women are evenly matched. If you can shut off the stereotype, then the heights should be the same. But this is not what we find. The magnitude of the stereotype effect is still there, however. How Stereotypes Survive: Illusory Correlations One reason why we will be thinking that there is a correlation is that the variables a
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