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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

Thursday, March 8th, 2012 Marlboro A lot of work in persuasion has been done in trying to understand advertising. Political campaigns are also another form of persuasion. Elements of an effective persuasion campaign would be to first get people’s attention. Certain messages need a lot of pros around it to talk about what they are all about. But the shorter and more concise the message, the more you will captivate your audience. There was a time when people would put out advertisements to try and get you to smoke.  Marlboro ad: guy on a horse holding a rope o An advertising company would think that this would sell cigarettes because of association (assuming that the audience would think that this is a cool way to be) Next 2 Slides If we could pair the product with a negative feeling, it would make sense that we would avoid the product. The key thing with doing something with association is that you need to do it repeatedly. Not only does a negative emotional reaction work, fear will definitely get you to avoid something. Research suggests that while fear has positive components (like getting your attention), but what you end up doing is zeroing into the fear, and ignoring the overall other message. Other research says that sometimes high fear mechanisms can have the opposite effect (no impact at all on behaviour); this could be because the claims are really ridiculous, you could be blocking out the message, or you could be reacting to a demand. Commercial about “cat herding”: no idea what they are selling. They are showing you that something that is creative, funny, etc. They are demonstrating that if they can do this, they can do things for you as well. Pairing (shown later) Not popular, so he was seen hanging out with Bono for a while. This was supposed to be for attracting a younger voter. But his popularity went down. Bono is known for a lot of things, mostly music and drugs. So he lost some of the supporters that he already had (the older supporters). So this was also a message that lacked credibility even though they wanted to use credibility (Bono had nothing to do with Canadian politics, also the prime minister candidate probably did not know U2 music). Downy They know that you will have a lot of choices when choosing detergent. So they want to expose you to sufficient info that you will choose their product and not the others. Basically, they use images that are associated with positive feelings. Next 3 Slides They want to tip the scale to Downy. Advertising is not there to create an urge to get a product, it is about creating an association to weigh in favour of a product over others. Tiger Woods advertisement” “Fortunately, golf balls don’t suffer from jet lag”. Advertisers want you to believe that the voice that you are hearing it from is a credible voice. So associating expert golfers with the golf products would be smart (this is pre-incident Tiger Woods). Jared from Subway: The “convert” communicators. He is not someone with expertise about the product, but he is someone that the company will hope is going to communicate to others with the same product that he had that he was successful with their product. Act against AIDS: Uses fear component (death) to alter behaviour. But if the fear generated is sufficiently intense, you might block the message. Pepsi Sometimes people are trying to sell you products that you need (detergent, etc). But there are other products that are not need-based, like soft drinks. They don’t use experts, they do not try to scare you. Pepsi Central This is what an expert from Pepsi would be saying. Next 2 Slides I
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