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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 Good Moods Lead to Helping: Reasons In order to maintain your good mood, you will be more agreeable. Bad Moods and Helping If themes of empathy are characterizing your feeling towards someone, you might want to do something nice for them. Helping and Role Models Examples are important. Reactions to Receiving Help It is not always something received positively. Receiving help can actually be a thread to one’s self-esteem. Threat-to-Self Esteem Model When you help, you are underlying the lack of autonomy in another individual. This threatens self-esteem, and you may react negatively to this. If it is a parent helping, it is not so bad because you assume that they know more and you aren’t expected to. But people on a similar plain might make others feel inferior. When is Receiving… When you are helped by someone that you know, and it is something that you consider to be a domain that is close to your sense of identity, this can lead to negative reactions. NEXT PPT What is Aggression? Something that we have an intuitive sense for, and it is something that is difficult to define. Important: intention is something inside someone’s head. How do we decide what someone’s intentions are? Language of Aggression Definitions. Types of Aggression
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