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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 In terms of predicting who you may be getting together with, proximity is the basis of getting together. You are much more likely to get together with someone from your class than someone who lives somewhere else. You must be in the same space. Similarity is also important. When we find someone with similarity, we have a common ground for proceeding in conversation. The more fluid conversation is, the more pleasant it will be for you. What certain communications mean are up for debate. Evolutionary people say that there must be attractors constant across the species in order to survive. These indicators should be reflective of your reproductive potential. Anything indicative of health and youth will be attractive to the male. But too baby-like is bad. The shape of the body is also a good indicator. Healthy looks are important for females as well. We are engineered to think this way because we don’t want to mate with someone who will not be an effective partner following the birth of the child. For females, they also want to see strength in their counterparts. Physical Attractiveness: Getting Drawn In Features attractive to one group of people are likely to be attractive to others. What seems to be different across cultures is how you will be decorating your body to increase attractiveness. Is Beauty a Subjective Quality? Depending on the environmental context, either thinness or largeness will be attractive. This has to do with the type of resources available. If you are in a time of plenty, being thin is attractive. If you are in a time of scarce resources, then being big is more attractive. Is Beauty an Objective Quality? Evolutionary psychologists argue that there has to be. This fits with evolutionary thinking, that there has to be some universal attractiveness scale. Is the physical… It is likely that experiences of good looking people will lead to better social skills. Also, we will try to milk the good attention based on an attribute as much as we can. The benefits and costs of beauty Often attractive individuals will have challenges on self esteem due to the point on the slide. We know that taking personal credit for our accomplishments plays a role on self esteem and self worth. Other costs of beauty Some pressure can lead to detriment to health. Matching Hypothesis You are most likely to pair up with someone of a matching attractiveness to you. Example: social psych class was randomly paired up for a dance, and then afterwards they were asked to rate h
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