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Child Development 3

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McGill University
PSYC 304
Bernstein& Ashbaugh

Sept 13 - Behaviourists focus on observable behaviour - little Albert experiment - Skinner's Radical Behaviourism: outlined principles of operant conditioning - focused on the outcome of behaviour for predicting future occurrences of that behaviour - reinforcers increase the probability of something happening again - punishers decrease it - Bandura's Cognitive Social Learning Theory: Bobo experiment - more emphases of cognitive processes - reciprocal determinism: environment child - observational learning is stressed: learning by observing others (models) - not dependent on reinforcement - cognitive development theories: Jean Piaget - schemes more complex with development - an organized pattern of thought or action that a child uses to make sense of an experience - sensorimotor = explore with senses - preoperational = use symbols, start to imagine things - concrete operations = logical thought better at inferring other peoples' motives - formal operations = abstract thought - piaget focused more on how children think and how this changes across time in lieu of what the environment is like - he may have underestimated childrens' abilities - John Bowlby identified adaptive behaviour - Ecological systems theory - principles of hereditary transmission - father's spe
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