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Child Development 9

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PSYC 304
Bernstein& Ashbaugh

Oct 6 - Piaget did not distinguish between knowledge and performance - he inferred that the child did not possess the knowledge it could not express, which perhaps caused him to think they were less bright than they were - flaws in your experiments produce erroneous knowledge - we learn in social contexts - according to many, Piaget's ideas are not incorrect, it's just that the ages at which those stages are present are wrong - Vygotsky was born in Russia before the turn of the 20th Century - he was influenced by the events that occurred in his country. he was jewish, and he could not go to the university (there was a lottery to decide who could go, and he won) - he studied literature and philosophy, but he never actually studied psychology, though he taught it - he also worked with physically and mentally challenged children. - he was the first modern psychologist to suggest the importance of how culture becomes part of each person's nature (Piaget was trying to discover universal rules, but Vygotsky was interested in how culture shapes learning) - his works were published after his death and suppressed in 1936 and were not known in the west until 1958 - he believes that children construct their knowledge (because a child learns, development occurs) - language is what makes us a cultural and social being - development cannot be separated from its social context - one of the first to point out that there are at least four levels of analysis - onogenetic development (one's lifetime) - microgenetic development (fine-grained: weeks and days) - phylogenetic development (precursor of evolutionary psychology) - sociohistorical development (c
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