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McGill University
PSYC 304
Bernstein& Ashbaugh

Oct 11 What is intelligence? how do you define it/measure it? - someone who learns quickly - someone who is adaptive - psychometric definition: intellegence is a trait or a set of traits on which individuals differ - Binet-Simon test: discovers your mental age - he was the first to try and create a mental test. commissioned by the French government to create a battery of tests that determined if you could excel in academics - "if most ___ year olds can complete this test, then the mental age of it must be ____" - factor analysis: is it one or many abilities - factors are identified: items are highly correlated - Spearman's g (general intelligence) and s (intelligence for specific things) - Thurstone's primary mental abilities - Guilford's structure-of-intellect model - Cattell and Horn's fluid intelligence vs crystallized intelligence > there are some things that you need to know already in order to answer questions (you have to have learned things in school or something... slumdog millionaire), whereas some things are using more generalized (fluid) intelligence. - information-processing perspective: sternberg's triarchic theory > sometimes people are very smart but haven't had education. thus, he defined intelligence as your ability to adapt to situations in the real world (real world intelligence is just as important as school intelligence) - people who have been in school will be better at taking tests because they have experience taking tests - Gardner's
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