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Lecture 7

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PSYC 331
Donald Taylor

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LECTURE 7 COGNITIVE REVOLUTION th January 28 , 2013 In the laboratory  One we evoke that group identity, you will show in-group favoritism  If you get people to try to establish distinctiveness, you threated their group identity  The cognitive revolution is marching at the same time as social psychology is evolving  He was not at all happy with this development o The cognitive approach is all about compared individuals based on Nano-second difference on computer programs Experiment: Asian students in USA who perform well  The experiment consists of not mentioning anything about their group but rather asking them questions about their personality o The kind of people they are, what they value o The idea of group is never raised  The statements are consistent with Asians values whereas others are more American related values  You would expect the Asians to be more Asians than the American  But what is interesting is that if you put an
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