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Lecture 6

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PSYC 331
Donald Taylor

LECTURE 6 SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY rd January 23 , 2013 SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY MINIMAL GROUP MATRIX  Everyone takes their 100$ and always gives more to the person in their group than of the other group o In group bias o Discriminating always people of the other group  This experiment was criticized especially in North America 4 basic processes 1. Social categorization 2. Social identity 3. Social comparison 4. Psychological distinctiveness John Turner & Henri Tajfel  These guys were fighters!  This is the most prominent theory in social psychology - It is all over the place  It says that we have a tendency to categorize the world  This is part of our group identity  I not only compare myself with the people in my own group, but I also compare my group to other groups o FIRST GUYS TO SAY THAT  What you and I strive for in life is distinctiveness along positive valued dimensions  We need to be o Distinctive AND o We want our distinctiveness to be valued  For the first time in history, it means that if you rob people from their distinctiveness, they were willing to give up cash to maintain their distinctiveness o This is best exemplified by union members - They want separate unions to represent their distinct needs even if it means they have to pay more in fees They did a series of experiments  The lines o You bring people to the lab and you ask them to estimate the length of the lines o When the lines are separate, the group see clearly 4 l
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