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Lecture 8

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PSYC 331
Donald Taylor

LECTURE 8 INADEQUATE SOCIAL IDENTITY th January 30 , 2013 WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOUR GROUP IS A LOW STATUS? 1: Strive and gain  Jewish community o They took it from the bottom and raise up the group to become an elite class o But it is not the same thing used by all the groups 2: Make a characteristic of your group positive  In most unequal group situation, they take characteristic associated with their group and redefined it o Ex: Black as beautiful movement  One way to mobilize is to redefine what a black is, and define blacks as beautiful o Ex: Nationalism in Quebec  The English community had all the power  A bit like the black is beautiful movement in America, in Quebec a revolution shifted where they became proud of being French from Quebec 3: Engage in collective creativity  Create new dimension, distinctiveness  The minute you engage in collective creativity, it helps with the distinctiveness, but it doesn’t solve the problem of being perceived as being low status  You can keep your distinctiveness, but it will NOT raise your status  Just like social mobility, social change has its own problem o Ex: In Los Angeles, a project where the white will tutor the blacks and the blacks would teach basketball. This is stupid because it is playing on the worst stereotype possible about the group. INADEQUATE SOCIAL IDENTITY  You need to have perception of cognitive alternatives o If you are part of a low status group and if th
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