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PSYC 332 - Intro to Personality

Course Code
PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

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Lecture 1: Wednesday January 5th 2010
*class cancelled Monday Jan 17
Richard Koestner
23 years at McGill
Social, Personality, Developmental, Clinical
PhD from University of Rochester
Post-doc at Harvard University
Current research: goal-setting and self-regulation
Course Content
Chapters 1 – 11
McAdams, Daniel. The Person: An Introduction to the Science of Personality
Psychology. Fifth edition. John Wiley and Sons: NY2009
Follow general structure and themes of the text but present somewhat independent
Grading Options
Basic: 50% midterm, 50% final (cumulative for lecture material but not for
textbook material)
Automatic option to count midterm as 40% and final as 60%
Why I took Intro to Personality
Winter term of freshman year at Columbia University
No particular background in area
Did not know what to expect
What I was looking for…….
What do we mean when we say:
o“s/he has a lot of personality”
Individual is someone you will notice, take interest in, likely,
engaging, at ease with people, funny, the kind of person you notice
at a party
Extroversion (outgoing, sociable, lively, assertive, leadership
qualities) vs. introversion
Most of us wish we could be an extrovert
oa “good personality”
o“not much of a personality”
Ego Ideal
Someone you want to be like
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