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PSYC 332 - Intro to Personality

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

PersonalityLecture 10 Friday January 28 2011The Social Cognitive Theory of Albert BanduraGoing Beyond Classic Learning TheoryBanduraCanadianStanford University Overview of Lecture QuestionsVideo of Bobo Doll ExperimentWho is Albert Bandura and what is social cognitive theoryoBegan as a graduate student mainstream learning psychologist studying reinforcementoHit upon something he found interesting observational learningoFrom there step by step he moved further and further away from classic learning theory and developed something quite elaborate complex and differentoIn the theory he developed a focus on observational learning cognition and how environment isnt exclusively acting upon us but how there is reciprocal relationships between persons and environment Bandura also examined a number of parameters that would influence if children would imitateWho is the modelWhat happens to the model after they behave aggressively reinforced or punishedKey Attributions of Classical Learning Theory 1 Organism is controlled by the environment2 Focus is on discrete molecular responses3 Learning is the result of direct experience of the animal4 Reinforcement operates directly and automaticallySocial Cognitive Theory BanduraI BackgroundoThe most influential theory in clinical psychologyoPeople have used this to a great extent in terms of how to work with people clinically or solve peoples health probelmsII Attributes of Classic Learning TheoryoA Organism is controlled by environmentWhat we do is a function of reinforcement or classical conditioningWe dont exercise free willour thoughts and emotions arent really driving our behaviour We are behaving bc of whats happened to us in the environmentBandura challenges this notion he highlights there are important 1
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