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PSYC 332 - Intro to Personality

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McGill University
PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

PersonalityLecture 11 Monday Jan 31 2011Parenting and Personality How Should Parents Raise Their ChildrenClass GoalsConsider the case of Amy ChuaoA very talked about book second generation Chinese American womanoLaw professor at Yale Battle Hymn of the tiger MotheroIt is a memoirReview a general framework for analyzing parenting stylesDo parenting styles work differently for different ethnic groupsoIt seems like western parents focus on more democratic style whereas eastern parents are more comfortable with a amore authoritarian directive style of parentingDescribe Amy Chua BookPBS InterviewoShe thinks American parents arent hard enough on their kidslet them play watch TV etc think America is raising weakwilled young people who wont be successfuloShe thinks there is additional way to raise childrenthe way Chinese mothersoHigh expectations coupled with loveoExtroversion Consciousness Agreeableness Neuroticismshe is associated with this she is low on agreeableness and comfortable with going against and having battles of wills BackgroundWorry over generational family declineoFather is a famous scientistrdoThe 3 generation is the one that seems to stop working as hardoShe cant raise her daughters in poverty or difficult circumstances bc she is a law professor so is her husbandoShe decides she will make life hard for her daughters is to insist they take up musicInsist on violin and piano practice as a way to teach discipline and hard work Suzuki method requires that parents attend all of the lessons its all about practiceoShe isnt musical herself but she decides they will become expertsExtremely high standards and unwavering practice regimen oPracticed 4 hours a dayoTraveled a lothad to find a place with a piano Contrast with American Parentsweakwilled and indulgent
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