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PSYC 332 - Intro to Personality

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McGill University
PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

PersonalityLecture 12 Culture and the SelfQuestions of the DayDoes making a personal choice mean the same thing in all cultures oPersonal choiceautonomy importance of volition in our everyday livesoParentingresponsivenessoperationalized if you give the child an opp to make a choice or express an opinion oWe need to maximize opportunities for choiceWhat are the main differences between individualistic and collectivistic culturesSome phenomena that do not generalize across culturesAttributions to disposition vs situationoThe way we try to explain other peoples behaviouroGeneral tendency when you see someone behave and do something a general bias in western samples to interpreting it as a reflection of the individuals disposition highlight personality oRather than than focusing on the situation and what kind of demands there might be bc of the role someone has and other ppl in the situation correspondence bias oIndividuals from nonwestern cultures dont show this biasmore likely to make attributions to the situation and the context Motivation to maintain consistencyoWe are all motivated to maintain a consistent view of ourselves and behave consistentlyoNotion was that all of us have a drive to maintain consistencyoHowever what has since been discovered is that this seems to be primarily true for ppl with a Western backgroundoPpl from other background are more comfortable with behaving themselves inconsistently bc their behaviour is more about context Experimentstudents Japanese or American write 20 diff sentences abt yourself do it 4 diff times in diff settings alone classroom group friend professors officepeople completed the self description in 4 contexts American studentsdescriptions were highly similar regardless of the context Japanesegreat deal of variability context mattered in terms of how they thought of themselvesdescribed themselves McAdams on Individualism vs Collectivism Fundamental differenceis usually captured with these 2 terms Individualism meaning system that exalts the autonomy of the individual over and against the interdependence of the groupoPersonal goals are preeminent and take priority over goals of other pploUS Canada Western Europe Australia Great BritianoFocus on individualism is determined in a complex way of political
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