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PSYC 332 - Intro to Personality

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

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PersonalityLecture 13 Feb 4 2011Resolving the Debate About Crosssituational Consistency of BehaviourQuestion of the dayWhat does it mean when someone behaves differently on a given trait dimension across different situationsoWhat does it mean if a friendly person is in a party situation but not when they meet a new person How can we explain inconsistenciesChameleon StoryMap of upstate NYthoIn 8 grade nevernever occupation was a play boy which was highly predictive finally had a GF at age 23 dated for 3 weeks worked together in Rochester and they worked togetheroSuggested they go away to New York he had never been on a romantic getawayoFriday afternoon go from Rochester to Ithicahalf way there right outside of Geneva NY she says pull over and she goes on and says I dont know who you are oShe had over heard him talk to the bus driver about sports she couldnt believe how she was acting with the bus driver he was loud and opinionated and acted stupid she thought before he was well educated articulate she was taken back by this of how she could be so differentoExample brings up a fundamental struggle we sometimes have when we think we know someone yet we see them behaving inconsistently oQuestion of how to make sense of inconsistencylarge question in personalityHow consistent are people in their behaviour across situations Mischelnot useful to think about personality traits as something thats predictive of how we behave in various situations point to early well done studies where they rigorously observed ppls behaviour in many situations wanted to see how consistent ppl are from one situation to a nextstudy of moral behaviourhow much kids would cheat lie etc correlation was only 15 not very strongDudycha 1936 Study of punctuality gathered 50 data points of how late ppl were at attending things they were supposed to be on time foro8 Am classesoAppointmentsoExtracurricular activitiesoVesper servicesoEntertainments1
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